Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Been Forever

Yeah, so I know it's been forever, but I'm not one of those married people who have all this married stuff to talk about! ;)

Let's see, since the last post in OCTOBER...I went on my first cruise! So fun! I pretty much wanted to book another one immediately when I got home, but refrained. On the way down we stopped in Vegas and I visited Cherie and her hubby which was pretty fun. I was nervous it might be a little awkward since we haven't even really talked in years...but I thought it went well. She colored my hair and gave me seriously the cutest bangs I've ever had. And you were right Cherie...they did grow out way cute!

Oh, and I got a new car about a month ago. Yup, sold the little Focus and I got me an SUV! The cutest, yellow, 4WD, supercharged Xterra you have ever seen! I seriously love it every time I drive it. Though I've been getting the crappiest gas mileage. And I knew that would happen of course, I just think it's even a little worse than I expected. I'll have to post some pics.

Let's see...started school again. One day I just decided it would be fun to take some interior design classes, so I went home and applied at SLCC and that was that. So I'm staying pretty busy to say the least.