Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The newest member of the Smith family...

A 2008 Toyota Corolla S!

It was a little sad to get rid of the yellow beast.  It all happened so fast!  I hadn't had proper time to prepare for the loss! -To say my final goodbyes! 

We had been playing around with the idea of finding something more fuel effiecient for a few months, but had come to the conclusion that it wouldn't happen for a while. I still owed on the car and Remy wasn't confident we could get that much value out of it (I on the other hand disagreed), but whatever, it was fine.  I still loved the car and it worked just fine so it wasn't a big deal.  So I decided to stick on this really cool UofU decal thing on the back of my car that I'd had forever, but just never got around to using it.  Then a week or so later we brought up the car thing again.  I was really tired of spending $60-$70 every time I filled up with gas  which was at least 3-4 times a month.  We figured that if we could find a car with almost the same payment as the beast then we would be saving at LEAST $100 in gas per month.  So we thought maybe it was a good idea to start seriously looking around.

The air conditioner had gone out though, so Remy said if I cleaned out the car (yikes!) then he'd get the A/C fixed and we could start looking. 

Now when I get excited about something, I sort of get fixated on it and can't stop thinking about it.  So that night while Remy was out doing whatever I cleaned that sucker out.  I even gave it a carwash.  Then I even cleaned the INSIDE!  Well, until I locked the keys in the car anyway.  Luckily my neighbor was home and her husband used the old wire hanger technique and saved the day!  (Thanks Teandra and Ryan!)

Anyhow I kept up my end of the deal, so Remy kept up his and the A/C was fixed the next day.  I'd been scouring KSL and a few other places for something that fit in our budget.  And since we weren't in dire need of a car I got to be picky.  My only requirements were that it had to be automatic and have a sunroof.

We went around last Wednesday and started browsing some lots.  Over the next few days we test drove a few things that we really liked, but nothing seemed to really speak to us.  But since we had some good prospects I decided to put the beast up on KSL to see what kind of response I got.  Within like 10 mintues someone called and that was pretty much that.  Luckily that day I found the ad for the new car online and REALLY liked it.  They offered what we feel like was a good price so we ran home to show the car to the guy, he said yes, so we ran back to the dealership and picked her up!  She gets at least twice the gas mileage that the beast did, which is what we needed so hopefully she'll be around for a long time!

Wow,  that was a really long story to say we got a car!

I'll miss you yellow beast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wait, What Happened to June?


Where did it go?  The whole month of June just disappeared did it not?

It's sad because it was such a great month. 

So my laptop isn't very reliable right now.  Because of that I don't really have anywhere else to get the pictures off my camera.  And I don't really feel like risking losing any of my memories by storing them on a questionable device.  You understand.  So I need to figure out some way to share all my pictures.  I SWEAR I want to.  We've got the new shower (which is like 6 months old by now), a trip to Disneyland, sky coasters over gorges and all sorts of great stuff hidding away on that camera that just wants to come out and be shared with the world! 

Too far?

And want to know what's REALLY lame?  I was going to take a picture of  and share the newest addition to the Smith family and now the camera on my phone won't even work!  Are you kidding me?!?

Geez Louise.

In other news I got released from Primary.  Rememer how I LOVE Primary?  (for real love, not sarcastic love).  I know I'll get another chance, but I'd be lying if I said I won't miss being with those kids every week.  They are so sweet and so smart and they really do each have their own personalities that add so much.  They CRACK me up!

In other, OTHER news we had a good 4th of July yesterday.  And I didn't take any pictures, so I don't feel AS bad blogging about it with nothing to show for it. :)

We woke up (way too) early and went with Remy's family to breakfast at Evergreen Jr. High in Millcreek.  It was pretty tasty.  Then we made a quick stop back at Remy's parents' house where some of us hit around a volleyball for a while before heading off to the zoo.  On a side note: I literally can't remember the last time I even looked at a volleyball let alone smacked one around.  Man those suckers hurt!  But it was still a good time!

We spent the afternoon at the zoo (where I finally got to see Zuri the baby, now toddler elephant), and then headed to the traditionally lunch at Hires. 

Here's one pic from the whole weekend.  I was trying to get Remy to sit on this, but he tends to suffer from selective hearing (love you!) -but hey, at least he's in the picture. :)
Then we went right back home to get ready for my family to come over and we had a little BBQ and swam.  Then we went to the Sugar House fireworks.  We thought we'd be smart and park in the underground parking next to the Bed Bath & Beyond.

Turns out that actually was NOT smart.

It took a good 90 minutes or so to get out of there. And it was like 9,000 degrees down there because everyone was running their engines.

All in all it was a great weekend.

Next up: start preparing for New Orleans this Saturday!