Monday, February 4, 2013


Nothing can make you feel more silly than crying during a Budweiser commercial.

Except for finding out thousands of other people did too.

Thank you for making me feel better about myself.

30 Weeks at 33 Weeks

So I really meant to post this when I actually took it, but one of the computers I was using was not working with blogger very well and I really couldn't post a pic.

I haven't been very good at taking belly pics.  I thought I was going to, but I just didn't.  In some ways I'm sad, and in others not.  I kind of wish I had been at least starting around 20 weeks.  Because somewhere between weeks 24-26 I really popped out and it would have been cool to see that change.  Oh well!

But here in all its fuzzy, cell phone glory, is week 30, documented for all to see.  

I'll have to take one tomorrow.  I hit 33 weeks today!  And I feel like I can notice a difference even from last week. 

Still feeling pretty dang good.  I'm definitely getting tired more quickly now.  It doesn't take nearly as much to make me tired.  Luckily overall I'm still sleeping well.  Some nights are better than others, but really it's been great.

We've had someone come in and work on some projects around the house, and having almost everything we own in the kitchen and middle of the living room is exhausting all on it's own.  It makes everything that much harder when you feel like you have to go through a maze to get anywhere.  There was one day there for a little while where literally the only place to sit without having to move stuff or climb over anything was the toilet.

But, I'm not complaining because these projects are making me so happy!  Seriously, they are things we've both been wanting to do for a long time.  We decided that we needed to get them done in order to make us want to live here longer which is probably for the best.  Plus, it's going to be great for resale or at least to get some nice renters in here someday!  I can't wait to post the whole thing!

When I came home today I saw they had finished the trim work in the nursery and I got a little teary-eyed I'm not going to lie.  It's going to look AMAZING!  We're getting the crib on Wednesday and we'll set it up on Saturday after the carpets get cleaned!  Can't wait!