Friday, January 28, 2011

Where's Malcom....Friday?

Hey, we all fall off the band wagon at some point.

This again illustrates his love for plastic bags....

Oh and this might be disgusting, so I apologize in advance.  Last week Malcom was puking like crazy (SICK!) we're sure because he insists on eating paper and plastic.  Well guess what he coughed up?  A giant ball of Christmas ribbon!  Remember this post?  Yeah, apparently ribbon doesn't digest too well.  But he just doesn't learn!  And it's not like we're starving him people.  He always has food in his bowl, I swear!

Friday, January 21, 2011


So I would like to say that Remy, he's just awesome.  If you're married and can't say that your spouse is your favorite person ever, then you better figure something out to fix that.  Cuz seriously, he's my fave.  He totally spoiled me and got me a gift certificate to get a massage and a facial.  Just for no reason other than that he's awesome!  (oh and maybe cuz I deserve it too! ;) )  Love you!

Note to Self

....check all those blogs tomorrow who had giveaways for the Silhouette.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Money, No Whammies!

Here's another...

Check out her Silhouette giveaway!

This Better Pay Off!

Check out Craftaholics Anonymous for a Silhouette giveaway!  And she has a way cute blog too!  You should see what she did with her headboard using her Silhouette!  B-E-A-Uitful!

A Day of Giveaways!

So....I'm sort of pathetic and I REALLY want that Silhouette.  And apparently Silhouette must have launched a MASSIVE giveaway to every single person who has some sort of crafty blog, because there are a ton out there to enter....and I wanto to WIN!  So to get an extra entry I'm going to blog about them!  (so if you've been trying to find some new blogs to follow, or get some fun ideas from...come check out my blog today!)

So now you should check out the Shabby Chic Cottage...and enter yourself!  She has a way cute blog!

Wanna Win? So do I!

Check out's giving away a Silhouette!  Don't know what a Silhouette is?  Well go check out her site and find out.  Ever heard of a Cricut?  Well, it's like that but WAY better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Do I Look?

Got a new bloggy design...let me know what you think!

Where's Malcom Wednesday

I can't believe how fancy I am!  A video?  Wow. 

Honestly I'm just happy I was able to figure out how to get the videos off of my phone!  I thought they were stuck there forever!

No really, I did.

So in this week's installment of Where's Malcom Wednesday, our story begins with a cat who likes to put himself above everyone.  Seriously.  He's always on top of anything he can manage that is at leat 5 feet off the ground. His thing is to leap from the bed onto the open bifold closet doors and just perch himself there and look down on everyone.  Only this time when he made the leap, the doors were shut.  (He's not the brightest crayon in the box at times)  Miraculously he was able to fit his paws in the gap between the door and the track.  How, I do not know.  And I only wish I could have caught that on camera! 

But here he is in all his glory...hanging....from the closet doors.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Sort of a Primary Gal, Myself

You know how some people are just MADE for Relief Society?  They just love it and all the cheesy things old people say to each other? (No offense if you are one of those people :) )  And how they love to cry and feel that "bond of sisterhood" or whatever?  And how other people are MEANT for Young Women's?  How they connect with the youth and love to go to and plan weekly activities and make handouts for all the lessons and "feel young again"? 

Not me. (in fact, with the exception of my younger siblings, teenagers scare the crap out of me) 

I'm made for Primary.  There is something about the innosense of kids that just gets me...right know? (if you are a RS or YW lover you might not know :) ).   Primary rocks.  You get to sing and do wiggle songs and play games and color...I mean come on!  And the things kids say are just funny.  ESPECIALLY the sunbeams!  It's fun to watch them learn and put pieces together and actually remember what you taught them!

Last summer I started teaching the 8-9 year olds in our ward.  Which was a challenge.  I've taught Primary before, but it was the Sunbeams...the 3&4 year olds.  And that was SOOO much fun.  Sure it was hard.  They came straight from Nursery where they'd been playing for 2 hours and now they have to sit and LISTEN for two hours. 

I sidetrack.

The 8&9 year olds scared me at first.  Plus they were mostly all BOYS!  (what the crap do you do with a bunch of boys?  I only relate to pink, princesses, flowers, dresses and glitter.  Guns?  Fighting?  Sports?  They speak a foreign language as far as I'm concerned.)  And due to the size of our Ward's Primary (teeny, tiny) and the fact that some teachers had been released and their positions not filled I basically was teaching all of Sr. Primary.  Which as far as numbers go was still only 7-9 kids when they were ALL there, but the issue was that you had siblings that were several years apart that were together in a class who shouldn't be.  I had a partner for a while, but she was called to be the YW Pres, so I was left alone for a while.

Well, I got the hang of it.  Of course there are weeks I can't figure out how I can stretch out a 5 minute lesson, but it always works out.  Luckily we were on the Old Testament and there are some great stories in there for boys especially.  Fighting, wars, fire, lions, hangings...seriously it's full of action.  And I could keep their attention for a while on those stories.  We had some struggles with behavior, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Well it's a new year and a new class.  Most of the kids are the same, I have a new partner (THANK YOU!) and last week the only two kids there were probably the two best behaved ones I could ask for.  It was the easiest lesson I had taught in a LONG time!  But I love all the kids in my class, seriously.  They all have their own little personality and strengths and they are what make the class fun!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas and Disneyland and Anniversaries, OH MY!

Oh yeah, and don't forget New Years!

So we had a busy Christmas, but it was fun.  We did our gifts for each other on Christmas Eve.  Remy got me diamond earrings!  -Which was really for our anniversary, but he was a little too excited to wait.  Later that day we went with Remy's brother Jake and our nephew Mako to see Tangled.  It was awesome!  Seriously, if you haven't gone to see it...for the love of all that's holy just go!

I like to try to guess what my presents are, so Remy had to use some anti-shaking devices to keep me from figuring what he got me.  :)  So in this particular box he wrapped my CD in a towel and put it in a bigger box with a dictionary to weight it.  He also got me a pair of shoes and put a hammer in the box!

Christmas Eve night was spent at Remy's parent's where we had a nice dinner and hours and hours of A Christmas Story.  Then it was off to pick up my little siblings (who are all MUCH taller than me) and we all spent the night over at Heather and Jared's where we watched...wait for it...A Christmas Story!  I literally forced myself to sleep so I wouldn't have to watch it again.

Christmas morning we went over to my parent's and opened gifts.  My parent's got us a KitchenAid stand mixer!  Yay!  And also our set of Cutco knives (with which I have already almost lost 2 fingers).  It was a great time.  They also got a Kinect, which is SO fun!

Then off to the in-laws! Remy's mom made us a great quilt and matching pillows!  They're awesome.  Then we had a DELICIOUS breakfast with more....A Christmas Story.  I can appreciate it once or twice through, but 2 days worth?  No.  It literally got to the point I had to get up and leave!

Then on the 28th was our first anniversary and we left for Disneyland! First night we stayed in Vegas at the Hilton.  EARLY the next morning we left for California because I just realized I had made lunch reservations at the Blue Bayou.  Why that hadn't dawned on me before I have no idea.

We had a great 5 days in Disneyland and Remy even got his first annual pass! :)

We had fairly decent weather while we were there.  It was pouring rain on our way into California and literally stopped when we got out of the car at the Disneyland parking lot.  Then it was just cool the rest of the time.  

New Year's Eve we spent the whole day in the park.  We got there early enough that they hadn't filled to capacity yet, but we had to stay the whole day just in case.  It was pretty cold that day and night, we wore sweatshirts and coats and had to put on hats at night.  The park was packed of course, but we managed to even ride Space Mountain 3 times without waiting for more than 30 minutes.  :)  We're just good like that.

We went to the Park the next day too, and we got a LOT in!  It was so empty compared to the previous days.  It was NICE!  And then on our way out of the park it started raining again...we have such good timing! ;)
Come on! PULL!!

 Couldn't get that sword out huh?  Bummer!

Taking a spin on the Tea Cups.

Then as we were driving out, we hadn't even hit Victorville yet and this is what we drove through...this was my first time ever seeing snow in California, let alone driving in it!

It was an awesome trip and we can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where's Malcom Wednesday

As I was wrapping up my last gifts before Christmas, Malcom decided to help too.  I have one of those tall wrapping paper storage things and he had climbed under the lid that had only been slightly off and sat in there.

Just sat there.

Wishing he could wrap presents too.

Instead he just ended eating all the ribbon off the presents that were already under the tree.  Thanks pal.

And by thanks I mean, "knock it off!"