Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gotta Start Out New

So I decided to start a new blog. Why? I don't know, mostly because I was tired of th other one. Plus, who doesn't like new things?

So far the married life is great. Who doesn't love spending time with their best friend? We've been spending most of our time moving and cleaning and organizing, which isn't all that fun, but doing it together makes it not so bad.

Remy had purchased a condo last year (almost a year ago exactly) and we both put in a lot of hours fixing it up....he did more than me, but hey, it's his house right? ;) Well since getting married I've filled that little place to the brim. I'm actually surprised at our ability to find places for almost everything. It's always that last random bit of stuff that never has a home. Which means I should probably just throw it away...

This past weekend I started feeling a little sick, which is a bummer on a long weekend. But it was pretty adorable because as soon as I say I don't feel well Remy asks if I want him to run to the store and get Sprite or ice cream. I just love him!

As one of our wedding gifts Remy's parents bought us a flat screen T.V. So we FINALLY bought a T.V. stand to put it in...I took pics of the building process...we got it at IKEA and this is one of their nice hefty pieces so it was quite a project! I'll post those soon!

Forgot to mention the pictures are courtesy of Cherie Hogan http://www.cheriehoganphotography.com/

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Stuff

So for our (one of many) wedding gifts from Remy's parents, they got us a flat screen TV! I know right! We don't have any room for it yet (the house is full of my crap everywhere from moving), plus the only thing we had to put it on was 2 old end tables stuck together and we were afraid it might get knocked over by one of the kitties...namely Malcom. Plus we needed storage and the whole thing. Anyhow so we set off on an adventure to find a good entertainment center/TV stand/something that could hold all our consoles and ideally some DVDs. I'll have to take pictures of the before and after...right now the DVDs are in these open storage racks which really drive me nuts. If there's one thing that drives me nuts, it's looking at DVDs if I don't have to. Plus the whole living room is lined with DVD storage at this point and it just looks bad. Anyhow...

So we stop at RC Willey where we felt a little out of our -we have no money and need something really cheap-league, but we found a few things that had some potential. **On a side note, have you ever been to RC Willey? That place creeps me out. They have so many sales people just looming around and when you ask one for help, they don't leave you...ever. EVER. Salesman Steve who we found in electronics sat at a table like 10 feet away from us and just sat. And waited. And watched. And waited. What? Like we're going to try to hide it in our coats? And then I feel all bad (and thoroughly creeped out) when we leave because Steve just sat there and waited forever for nothing. Creepy.**

Then we ventured off to IKEA. I wasn't expecting much from them, I'll be honest. I LOVE IKEA, don't get me wrong, but a lot of their stuff LOOKS cheap. And I know we couldn't afford much, but I just don't always want to have cheap looking stuff! So we spent over an hour looking at stuff. Trying to be creative with different shelving options we saw, using baskets and drawers, mouting stuff to walls, the whole thing. Then we found their collection of a whole bunch of stuff that you can mix and match. HOLY CRAP! We then spent forever tinkering around with different doors, and drawers, and tall shelves, and short shelves, and as we turn around to leave, we walk straight into it! Remy points and says, "why didn't we see this before?" And there in front of us, THE one. It has everything we wanted, yet was so simple it somehow didn't seem possible. It has doors that enclose the TV but that fold and lay flat to the sides so they don't stick out into the room, a small shelf to fit the XBOX and two big drawers underneath that can hold ALL of our DVDs and controllers, a place to put the Wii, and nothing obstructing the cords to the Xbox. And best of all, it was $300 off!! The only drawback is that it's white. But we think we can probably paint it and do you know what? It really won't look that bad. I mean, white goes with everything. So the goal this weekend is to get the livingroom put together so it actually has a place to go. Right now, be barely had room to fit the boxes it came in.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Married

So I feel like that now I'm married it's finally socially acceptable for me to really have a blog. Yeah I had one before, and yeah I wouldn't have changed anything about it had I been married when I started it, but I feel like starting a blog when you're married is more acceptable and for some reason people will be more inclined to read it...I don't know, call me weird, but that's what it seems like.

The wedding went well, no big snags to mess things up. Still stressful and a lot going on, but it turned out great. Jan was AMAZING at organizing and executing the whole thing. The reception was beautiful, I really loved it and from what I hear people had a good time.

Honeymoon in Disneyland was fantastic...of course. It was so much fun to be there for New Year's Eve. The place was totally packed, I've never seen it that busy, and believe you me I've been there when it's been pretty busy. It rained the first day we were there, if you can even call it rain. It was more like a mist, but it was constant and all day so by the end we were pretty wet. Day 2 was absolutely perfect, sunny, warm and not a cloud in the sky. We really did not want to come home.

Last night we opened all our presents. You know, now that I think of it, we didn't really even get a weird, crazy, useless, or completely ugly gift that we can laugh about and tell our kids about. I guess the popularity of gift cards sort of reduces the chances of getting something like that. The people who are crappy at giving gifts are probably the ones who end up getting the gift cards. We got some pretty good stuff I'd say. For some reason we got lots of Scentsy warmers and diffusers. Do we really smell that bad?

Cherie was amazing and did the photography. What a sport, she was with me pretty much the whole entire day! I cannot wait to see the shots she took. Check out her blog for a sneak peak olivejuicestill.blogspot.com

I'll post some pics once I get a chance, and if I can get my computer to work, I want to post a video of the New Year countdown from Mainstreet, it was so fun!