Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pregnancy Is...

Exciting. Nerve wracking. Cool. Creepy. Awesome. Scary. Fun. Uncomfortable. Wonderful. Tiring.  Among many other things.  But so far it's been amazing.

I mean just think of all the perks:  Everyone is extra nice.  No one makes me do anything.  I can eat as much as I want and people don't judge (though I would like to state that I have NOT adopted the "I'm eating for two" philosophy).  I got a whole new wardrobe.  My husband is extra attentive to anything I need.

And yeah, of course there are downsides, but I'm so blessed that this pregnancy has been so easy thus far.  I'm crossing my fingers it stays so great...I have my glucose test the day after Christmas...

I'm at 26 weeks!  The time has flown by.  After this Friday Remy and I don't have to be to work until Jan. 2nd and we have decided we would spend that time getting our 2nd bedroom ready to actually start getting ready for this little bambino.  Right now it's a huge mess and has a ton of furniture in it.

Remy was finally able to feel the little guy kick last week which was pretty cool.  And last night Remy was telling him to move around, and he did and Remy felt it again.  :)   He's started moving around a lot more which I love.  I started feeling regular movements around 19 weeks, but the week before Thanksgiving he quit moving around so much and it was freaking me out a bit.  I knew it was still early enough that it probably wasn't a huge deal, but I was glad that I had a Dr. appointment soon after I noticed the change and she told me that everything was fine. 

It was still bothering me a little bit because he had been so active for a few weeks and I didn't like the sudden stillness.  I wasn't worried enough to go back to the Dr. because I WAS still feeling some movement, but still you can't help but wonder.  I was talking with one of my coworkers about it and she told me to try getting on my hands and knees for a little bit to put the baby in a floating position and he'd move around.  So I tried it and it totally worked!  After I sat back up within a minute probably I felt those little kicks again.  I was so happy I started crying (another thing that's becoming more common as I get farther along).  In fact I even cried when I told her at work the next day. :) 

But for the last week or so he's back to his normal kicking.  Every once in a while he'll jab me somewhere or strong enough that it makes me jump because it catches me off guard.  But it keeps me entertained during budget meetings. :)

So here's what I know about my baby so far:
-He's a boy.
-He becomes more active when I drink hot cider or hot chocolate (though I haven't been able to figure out if it's a temperature thing or a sugar thing).
-He's cute.  And I know that because I had a dream about him the other night about the day he was born and he was adorable. :)  And I believe this dream because well, of course I'll think my own baby is cute, but I also had multiple dreams that he was a boy so I'm on a good streak. :)  Plus, let's not forget the thumbs up he gave us at one of the ultrasounds!
-He moves more when I'm in a movie theater.  Not a fan of loud noises?
-Also that I love him.

And for those of you who are wondering:
-Thank you for asking, I actually feel really great.  I get tired faster and standing for too long and bending over at all make my back hurt like a mo-fo, but a little massage usually helps.
-I haven't been craving a lot of foods, but for some reason I do crave marinara sauce.  Which is weird because that usually isn't something I choose.  We randomly discovered that IHOP of all places has really good mozzarella sticks and those ALWAYS sound good.  Dipped in marinara of course.  In fact, now I want some....
-Other food related things are that I don't really want to eat protein.  It doesn't taste gross to me or anything.  I just can't eat a lot.  It started with hamburgers back in September and sort of continued from there.  I'll eat it, but it doesn't sound good.  Except for chicken parmesan (which I still haven't eaten though)...because of the marinara.
-I'm still sleeping well and usually don't have too much trouble getting comfortable.
-My sinuses dry up at night and often get inflammed which is obnoxious, but luckily we had a humidifier that we got as a wedding gift and had never used so most nights I sleep with that on and it makes a HUGE difference.
-Tying my shoes is becoming a chore.
-Speaking of shoes, I needed a new winter pair and had to by a size larger than usual.  Which I have NEVER done.  And I'm not going to lie I'll be a little bit sad if they stay larger permanently.  I've read that can happen, so I'm really hoping this is just swelling. :)
-I randomly get heartburn.  It's not usually too bad, but it comes on suddenly and I can't figure out if it's linked to anything specific.
-I love that my hair doesn't fall out.  Yes, yes, I'm aware it will after the baby comes, but please don't remind me.  It started thinning a ton in the months before I was pregnant and it was stressing me out.  As in I literally hated showering because I couldn't bear to see that much hair at a time no longer attached to my head.  So let me live in this bubble where my hair is back to normal.

I'm getting excited to start putting the nursery together and I hope that despite our lack of space, it will turn out cute. :)  And I'm starting to get even more anxious to meeting this baby!