Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Boy is 6 Months Old!

This. Boy.  He melts my heart on a consistent basis.  He is such a chill dude and we love him!

We went to the ever-popular Foto Fly to get his 6 month pictures taken last week.  Let me tell you, there is a reason they are popular!  We had a really great experience and I will definitely be going back.  Just check out the pictures!  Trying to figure out which one(s) to print and hang at home and take to work is nearly impossible.

At 6 months this kid is:
Sitting up like a champ.
Babbling.  I'm fond of the "ma, ma" sound myself. :)  However "ba, ba" is very cute as well.
Finally sleeping in his crib in his own room.
Sleeping through the night, most nights.
Through his first month at daycare and seems to like it.
Just getting started on solid foods.  So far only applesauce and he seems to like it.
Rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy.
Can rotate on his belly 360 degrees.
Pushes up with his arms and gets his belly off the ground.
Just about out-grown his size 2 diapers.
Likes to chew on cloth.
Loving his diaper changes still.  (We're pretty sure he'll be the toddler who runs around naked)
Wearing anywhere from size 3-9 months clothes.  9 month pajamas for sure, some 3 month onesies and then a bunch of 6 month pants and shirts.
Starting to get an attachment to his blanket.

He occasionally will push up to his hands and knees for a second, and sometimes that makes him scoot backwards.  So he's slowly become more mobile and figuring all that out.  He's so much fun to have around.