Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where's Malcom Wednesday

It's time for a Where's Malcom Wednesday.

Flashback version!

Malcom loves things that blow heat.  And he has since his little life began.   He loves sitting on the heater vents and also the fan on my laptop.  When he was just a little kitten he would cuddle up next to the fan when I would sit on the bed working (What?  Watching Grey's Anatomy IS work).

He was small.  He was not inhibiting my online viewing experience.   It was cute.

See Figure A:


Malcom still loves the hot air...but he's....well...

He is not small.  He prevents me from using the laptop altogether.

See Figure B:


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Arrival...

Today this will be delivered to my house:
And I'm SUPER excited! It's SOOOO comfortable and really deep.  As in if I sit all the way back, my ankles barely hit the end of the couch.  I feel really fancy that it's from Crate and Barrel.

Now here's the story.  Sometime in November Remy and I went to the mall to check out the new Crate and Barrel.  We found this couch.  We sat on this couch.  We loved this couch.  We slept on this couch.

Okay maybe not that last one.

But really, we LOVED it!  We'd been couch shopping off and on, always checking them out at stores, but hadn't ever found anything we loved enough to commit to.  Plus we didn't NEED one, ours just isn't that comfy.  Even though we wanted to take this one home with us, the price tag was NOT as loveable.

Then after Christmas we went back to the mall for some reason and I suggested we go sit on our couch and see if we really loved it as much as we remembered. 

We did.

We also noticed there was a sale on this couch!  Yay!  But it was still a bit more than we really wanted to spend.  We started discussing colors, etc.  The floor sample was in the color of the pic above, which is fine, but there were some others we both preferred.  Remy happened to ask me what I would think if we had to have the color of the store sample.  I said if the price was right I'd take it.

Well right then a sales person came over to see if we had any questions.  Remy asked about the color options, and she let us know that the sale was on this color only because they were discontinuing that specific fabric. 

Okay then, good to know.

We went back and forth debating on whether or not the price was right.  It HAD been marked down twice....but still, we just got back from vacation and weren't planning on dropping large amounts of money on a couch any time soon.

Remy then asked if we could have the floor model and if it would be discounted further.  She said we could only have it if it was the last one left.  She also said they'd been going really fast once they went on sale, so she checked to see how many were left.

Well I figure this couch was meant to be ours.  Because wouldn't you know it, the warehouse was clean out -meaning we could take the floor model.  She originally said it would be an additional 10% off, but then after confirming with the manager we could even take it, turned out it was another 20% off.  This brought the couch to nearly 50% off the original price!!!

That offer was just too good to turn down.  So we bought ourselves a couch!

The lame thing was they couldn't deliver until January 10th at the soonest because they weren't getting the new display couch until then and didn't want a big empty spot on their floor.  So that meant there were 10 extra days that random people could be sitting on my couch! 

Our living room is going to be pretty tan though...tan walls, tan carpet, and we even got these new tan curtains for Christmas (also from Crate and Barrel) not expecting to then buy a TAN couch!

Oh well, walls can be painted!  I just can't wait to snuggle up on this new couch tonight!