Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell to 80 Cents and Frothy Goodness

Goodbye 80 cents.

Goodbye hot chocolate.

I wanted you this morning, you know.
You popped into my head and I could not let you go.
I imagined your frothy goodness on my tounge, warming me from the inside out.
And I wanted you.

I found a dollar bill in my wallet, and I knew I could have you.
How excited I was!
A little cup of joy to brighten a cold, snowy Monday morning at work.
You were just a short walk away.

I sped down the stairs and through the door to where I knew they kept you.
I placed by dollar in the Maxwell House vending machine,
And selected you: "whipped hot chocolate" "large."
My change was dispensed,
The machine purred to life....

Swirling and twirling inside-
Dispensing hot, frothy goodness.
The smell of delicious, creamy melted chocolate filled me.
My mouth watered.
Oh how I longed for you.

I peered through the small door that separated you and me, me and you-
"NO!" I shouted.
"It can't be!" I exclaimed.

And I watched,
As your last drops trickled

-not a cup-
But the dark, abyss of the drain.
Goodbye 80 cents.
Goodbye hot chocolate.
I will never forget what could have been...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super Professor

To start, I've never gone to school at a place before where you have to take your assignments to the professor's car. And I use the term "professor" lightly. More like, untrained people who have knowledge about the subject they are attempting to teach the group of young adults sitting in front of them.
Seriously, this lady who teaches my class(is very nice don't get me wrong), gives us assignments and then complains about how much work they are for her. Basically starts asking us to do all these little things to make it easier for HER. Really? Who forced you to assign that in the first place? That would be no one. So don't give me an assignment and then try to make me feel guilty about turning it in because it's such a burden on you.
So to make my burden of an assignment easier, after class we get to go straight to her car to drop off the burden. Well, today after class I was chatting for literally 2 minutes with a girl in my class as I made an adjustment to my burden. She and I walked outside...and poof...the teacher was gone! Really? Did that just happen? Now the question is if she'll believe us and let us get full credit. If not, I think I'll have to throw a little tantrum.

I happen to be watching Seinfeld and let me tell you I am NOT sad the '90's are over! Poor Elaine! Picture an ankle length skirt that buttons up in the front, but only to above the knee, white socks folded down and some sort of black, tied dress shoe. Oh, don't forget the floral vest!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Just a little background info...up until a year or two ago I had been getting my hair cut from the same lady since I was 12. Up until that point my mom had been cutting my hair, which worked out great. However, when Jennifer Aniston came out with her "3 layered" look boy did I want to look like that! I knew nothing about hair, all I knew was that Jen had 3 layers so that's what I told my mom - 3 layers. She did great at following directions, she put my hair into 3 sections and chopped! Needless to say it did NOT turn out how I envisioned, if you can imagine that. I looked like a mushroom. A bad mushroom. Hence my first experience at the salon. Well, I moved to Salt Lake a few years ago, my hair dresser was in Ogden and it just wasn't plausible anymore to drive to Ogden for a hair cut. So I've been on the search for a new stylist...and failing!

You know, I only get to get a hair cut a couple times a year cuz those things are expensive! When your hair decides it needs a cut, that's it, it's over. You cannot go any longer without a cut unless you want to have bad hair days between now and your next cut. My hair had definately decided it was ready. So I save up my pennies and I finally-FINALLY get to go get a cut and color. Yeah, that was a waste of $130! I think I could have gotten the same results had a taken advantage of the $6.99 haircut sale at Great Clips! And I wish I would have! Seriously, she spent like 5 minutes trimming the ends, and did nothing to texturize or add a little shape. My hair feels just as limp and heavy as it did before...the only my wallet is $130 down and longing for that money back (or at least a good haircut).

Now I mentioned before that a few months ago I got my bangs cut by my friend Cherie in Las Vegas. They were great! Seriously, the best bangs I've ever had! So I tried to describe them to the lady. -They were big and thick and came from the back forward, you know, using the hand motions and everything. I mentioned I liked them cut at an angle...yeah straight across frustrating! How do you get straight across from "I like them cut at an angle?" So Cherie, if you're reading may see me in Vegas for a bang cut! :) Or, next time you're in L-town, you better call me!

So moving onto the color...yes there's a story there too. I'll just cut to the main points (no pun intended). I wanted it dark. The time before I came in the girl did a fantastic job with the cut and color...I loved it! Yeah, apparently she doesn't work at that salon anymore :( So we put in the color, sit, rinse, wash, cut, can hardly tell a difference. I had some blonde in my hair as well (compliments of Cherie) and she went around each blonde chunk...which by now is turning brassy and icky...thanks lady for leaving that. It looked so bad. She was shocked my hair didn't take to the dark like hair normally does I guess. So she had an hour opening the next morning she said I could come back and she'd fix. This I appreciated. So I went back, told her to weave through the blonde and dun, dun, dun, da...looks great! (minus the bad bangs and the fact my hair is still limp). However, I got to leave the place with sopping wet hair.

The sad part of this whole thing is that I really liked the stylist. She was nice, (I thought) she understood what I was asking, easy to talk to...the whole sha-bang. Unfortunately I just can't risk going back. So if you have any suggestions, let me know. Though it'll be a while til I can afford it again :(