Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just Scootin' Along

So last summer I REALLY wanted to get a little scooter to ride to work, but it just didn't happen. My pal Meagan from work got one last summer and that's what gave me the itch. Well, the other day I saw one parked in the lot at work and the itch returned. So I was asking Meagan some questions about hers, and was checking up on for some good deals. Long story short, there wasn't a whole lot in my price range that caught my eye. So longer story even shorter...I walked into the scooter store and walked out with the cutest PINK scooter ever! (and for those of you who don't know me, I can't resist anything that's pink) So what if I had never driven one before? :) Needless to say Remy was the one that took her home. I was too scared! Only one car of girls made fun of him that I noticed ;) I appreciated the sacrifice on his part.
I got some good practice in today and even drove my route to work so I'd be ready!
And I think I am. But if you happen to see me on the side of the road, injured, would you please stop and help me? :) For whatever reason right hand turns are a challenge for me! But boy or boy is she sure fun to drive.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tulip Festival

I've been wanting to go to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point ever since I heard the commercials. Saturday was the last day and even though it was rainy, Remy took me! We get out there, and it was a little windy, but no rain yet. We purchase our (overpriced) tickets, got our map and headed out. Well not long after we started walking the rain started. Neither of us were prepared with an umbrella or even a hooded jacket for that matter, but a little rain never hurt anyone so we kept going. After a little while Remy realized he had some ponchos in his car so he went and got 'em, we put 'em on didn't rain for the rest of the time! Not true, I guess it sprinkled for a second near the end there, but it definitely wasn't poncho worthy rain. I took some pics with my camera phone which is a piece; I kept forgetting my camera all weekend! And there were definitely some kodak moments that were missed. C'est la vie.