Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Weekend Adventures

We had a great weekend.

June 9th was my Grandma's 75th birthday as well as my Grandparents' 57th wedding anniversary.  Which was also the anniversary of mine and Remy's first "date that wasn't a date" 6 years ago.  Where does the time go?

To celebrate my Grandma's big day we had a big family dinner at The Roof.  It was great, our family from North Carolina flew in for the event.  It's always fun to see them.  We had pictures first and then ate yummy food.  Then we went back to their condo and hung out on the roof.  I played a round of hand and foot with 2 of my cousins and my uncle.  And then we all just chilled.  It was seriously really fun.

Yesterday after church Remy suggested we have people over for a BBQ.  It was supposed to be family dinner at my parent's house anyway so we thought we'd have everyone over to our place instead.  Heather and Jared had a few cousins that stayed over at their house and needed to be brought back to Salt Lake anyway so Doug and Jenny (the NC crew) came over too.  It was a BLAST.  And everyone was so nice to pitch in at the last minute to help bring stuff.  Six of us got in the pool after dinner and swam for a good 2 hours I think.  I was exhausted after.  I haven't played like that in a pool for so long!  My arms are seriously sore from all the games we played.  I slept like a log. 


Lucky for me I've learned to sleep through Remy's alarm in the morning, but lately since it gets light sooner I wake up at some point while he's getting ready.  And at the very least if nothing else has woken me up,  him turning the bedroom light OFF on his way out wakes me up.

I don't get it.

This morning I really didn't hear a single thing.  Like I said, a log.

Remy did kiss me on his way out and THAT woke me up.  However it caused me much confusion. 

I do that sometimes.  I wake up really confused.  It hasn't happened for a while, but it did today.

I couldn't figure out why he was dressed and why it was light in the room.  And how was it possible that he was already ready for work?  And why was I in the middle of the bed with my hands behind my head?  That was weird all in itself.  Why wasn't I given some indication that morning had come before now?  What day of the week is it?  Am I late for work?  Wait, how did it get to be morning already again?

Remy said it best when he said it looked like the world was playing some sort of cruel trick on me and I wasn't very happy about it.  It's true.  It was cruel.  And sort of funny.

Friday, June 3, 2011

So Here's the Deal

I want to tell you all about the super-fun, super-spontaneous trip to the Happiest Place on Earth Remy and I went on over Memorial Day, but for once I actually took pictures on my camera rather than the phone so I can't just conveniently email them to myself as I sit here. -And I really want to have the pictures before I post.  But I will tell you that it was AWESOME! 

Seriously.  THE best.  Trip EVER.

It was partly so fun because it was spontaneous.  If you haven't planned a trip in 3 seconds before, you need to.  Seriously.  I'm telling you, you'll feel great.

The other things that made it extra fun were as follows:

-We ended up being even more spontaneous by deciding the day before the trip to leave right that second.  So we did. 
-We got to go on 2 new rides before they even opened.
-The fact that I was disappointed we would be missing the new rides official opening day by just a few days and then ending up being able to go on them!
-The weather was PERFECT and it was crappy weather at home. -SUCKAS!
-I got a Captain Eo shirt. (okay that didn't really make it all that great, but I was happy anyway)
-The park wasn't very busy.
-For all you Biggest Loser fans out there we saw Jen and Jay in the park!
-Eating beingets (ben-yays) for breakfast in Downtown Disney.
-We slept in, went to the park whenever we wanted and left as early as we wanted and still got to do everything multiple times.
-Trying a new restaurant called Slaters 50/50 where they had AMAZING fried mac and cheese.
-Saying we were going to eat cheap and then not.
-CHURROS -I mean, those make it great everytime am I right?
-Randomly bumping into my cousin and his wife and little girl in the park.
-Watching Fantasmic and the fireworks.  That Mickey just gets me every time.  Also the fireworks ended up being cancelled on all the other nights we were there because of wind.  But we didn't care cause we had already seen them!
-Getting our first picture together with the big-guy himself.  (that's Mickey in case you were all wondering)
-Good conversations.
-Not even really needing to use fast passes.
-Buying  50 cent toys from those little things at the gas station where you put your quarters in and turn the knob.  You know what I'm talking about right?
-Putting a fake tatoo on Remy's arm from said toy dispenser while Remy was driving us home.
-Watching the flag ceremony at the park.
-Discovering our perfect song for all future Disneyland trips.
-Being able to relax and not needing a vacation from the vacation.
-Just spending an awesome long weekend together!

...WHOA!  That's way more stuff than I realized!  It was great.


I'm telling you it's the only way to go.