Monday, October 29, 2012

Never Gets Old

I had my monthly check-up this morning.  The Dr. of course got out the doppler and literally touched my stomach and there was the heart beat.  Is it just me or is it always a huge sense of relief when that happens?  Not necessarily the speedy part, but the part where you can hear it.  My Dr. always lets me listen for a while, which I love.

Can I just tell you, that sound never gets old.

Every time I hear that little heart beat and every time I see the ultrasound pictures on the fridge, I just can't believe it.  I can't believe how amazing it is.

I also can't believe how lucky I've been so far with how easy it's going.  Now, getting the baby there in the first place...not easy.  So I feel like it's only fair.  :)  (Sorry for all of you that have difficult pregnancies!)

Also over the last week or so I've felt the baby moving.  It's so awesome!  Someone described it feeling like muscle spasm without the muscle....which is actually pretty accurate.  I wish I could feel movements more often (though I'm sure later on I might be telling a different story. :) ). 

Later these week is the "Big Ultrasound"!  You know, the one where we can finally assign this baby the right pronoun.  :)  So cast your votes! We are so excited!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh Baby!

Man, we've had a lot going on!  I'm going to download some pics here soon of this really fun trip Remy and I just went on.  I had a work conference in Boston, so Remy came with me and we made a big adventure out of it!  We took a train from Boston to NYC, NYC to DC, and DC to Greensboro, NC.  WHEW!! 

 The view from our hotel room in Boston.

We caught a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway Park!
USS Constitution
We went to Mr. Bartley's Burgers just across the street from Harvard University.  Mmmmm.

Remy getting to eat his lobster before the baseball game.  He was loving it.

Went to the place where the Greensboro 4 did a "sit in" at the Woolworth's in NC.  It was a really awesome museum.

Of course, the Washington Monument.
I have a ton more pictures, but this is just what I could get off of my phone. :)

It was really a blast.  It was Remy's first time back there AND his first time riding a subway.  It was sort of adorable.  His favorite place was Boston, and though I do love it there, I really love DC.  We got REALLY tired by about the middle of DC.  We only spent a day in New York because it's so expensive to stay there.  The train pulled in around 10am I think and we got back on around 9pm.  We managed to to the Statue of Liberty, the tippity top of the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, a walk down Wall Street, a visit to Macey's for ice cream :). 

In DC one of our stops was at the National Archives.  I really love that place.  We only had time to stop in the rotunda, but that's where they keep the coolest stuff!  The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.  It was cool because while we were there it was the 225th anniversary of the Constitution so they had what they call the 5th Page on display.  Basically it's the last page that just explains how you can make an ammendment.  Not super thrilling so they have never displayed it before and they only had it out for a few days and we got to see it! (I'm a total nerd).

After DC we took our last train down to Greensboro, NC where I have an Aunt, Uncle and cousins and we stayed with them for a few days.  It was really great and we were sad to leave.  Hopefully we can go back soon!

Also, there is this:

Baby Smith coming March 2013!!