Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Friend

Okay so about 8 months ago Remy got a kitten named Malcolm. He is super cute, but dang that cat is CRAZY! Seriously crazy. In fact he even got nicknamed, and pardon my French, but his loving nickname Remy gave him is the shitty kitty -because he is one. We're pretty sure he hallucenates because he'll sit at the base of all wall, look straight up, start making these weird noises and then jump like he's trying to get something. Yeah, there's nothing there. His newest trick is to jump, spread eagle on your back if you bend over at all. I keep reminding Remy that he picked Malcolm because he was so cute ASLEEP, not because of his personality while he was awake! True story.
So Remy had been debating ever since he brought Malcolm home whether or not he should get a second cat as a playmate for Malcolm. I think he was so paranoid about even having one that he decided not to get the second. Well over time we figured out that Malcolm tends to behave a little better when people are around more. And with Remy always at work and then doing other stuff after work, there wasn't anyone around to keep the kitty company. Then when Remy was working 70 hour weeks for a while there, things just got out of hand and Malcolm was getting psychotic. So it was decided he needed a friend.

Remy went to the pet store a few weeks ago to pick some stuff up and the Humane Society was there and he fell in love with an older (older as in 5 months old and not a brand new kitten) gray kitten. He went home and got Malcolm so they could meet and make sure they didn't hate each other. I wasn't there, but apparently Malcolm was afraid of this cute little girl. But they didn't seem to hate each other so he brought her home. He named her Little Grey...I say it's after Merideth's sister in Grey's Anatomy he says it's partially that and partially something else...whatever.

For a while Malcolm just followed Little Grey everywhere she went and wouldn't leave her alone. Then he started pouncing on her and pinning her down until she growled and hissed (which is so cute by the way because she such a little thing and doesn't make a peep otherwise). She had just been spayed so she wasn't really in the mood to fight back much. But she has changed her tune now! He's teaching her some bad habits.
The point of all of this is the picture at the top (I really hate how pictures are not easily moved on this site and my new version of explorer won't let me copy and paste my text within this post and I forgot to add the pic first!). This is poor, sick Little Grey. She had a fever and a soar throat and a stuffy nose. It was the saddest thing ever. We took her to the vet and they did some tests and gave her some meds, but she was sick for quite a while and it was the saddest thing ever. She would just lay in her bed just like the picture, poor little thing. You can just see on her face how miserable she is. She was so cuddly though...and P.S. she loves me! Which means I can't help but love her back! Whenever I go over there she comes and sits on my lap (I think Remy is a little jealous).
Anyhow she's pretty much back to herself now and still loves me. ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009


So Remy and I got invited to the first Halloween party I can remember...ever. It was good time, thanks to Joey and Brie for hosting. The trick, like always, is to figure out what the heck you're going to BE for Halloween. I have never gotten that into it, I really just don't care much for dressing up I guess. We had come up with a few ideas, but nothing really solid. Remy went shopping one day on his own and got the idea of a greek god and goddess. Then that morphed into him wanting to be Cupid. -No, not the diaper version! I had a couple people bring that up when I told them the idea. It actually turned out really cute. White tunic with red cape, gold leaf head thing, bow and arrow with hearts on the end of the arrows. And let's not forget the feather angel wings and red heart tatoo on the arm! You want a picture you say? Well, so sorry pictures can only be taken by people with cameras. And since I lost my camera I am not one of those people. Maybe if we dress up on Halloween day I'll use my crappy phone one or something.

Now there was this guy there at the party who had dressed up like Michael Jackson. I kid you not if I didn't know the dude was dead, I would have been pretty confused! This guy was amazing! He had the look, hair, lips, outfit, voice, moves...the whole package. It was trippy. His wife said he even lost 40 pounds just for that! Uh, dedication to the extreme.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If You'd Like to Make a Call...Please Hang Up and Dial Again

If you want me to call you back, you need to leave me your phone number. Even -strike that - ESPECIALLY if your message is urgent or time sensitive. I don't know what else to tell you besides the fact that I can't read minds and I don't have the ability to track your call as though you are a criminal I need to find because you have hostages bound and gagged in a basement somewhere.

That was going to be all I had to say, but I just experienced something else that inspired the title I'll mention:

First of all, I am not the University Operator. I don't even know how you got my number in the first place. You cannot call me and the only thing you speak is someone else's name. I don't know what that means. Perhaps use the name in a sentence that describes the purpose of your phone call. For example: "Hello, do you know the phone number or can you transfer me to ....?" See how easy that was? --However, let's not forget, I'm not the University Operator -so you shouldn't be calling me for phone numbers anyway!

The funny thing, when I did transfer this terrible communicator, either I dialed the wrong number or the number is disconnected! HA! After I felt bad for like one second, I felt as though it was sweet justice. Then the terrible communicator called me right back (which I was expecting) and then hung up when I answered the phone. So that was either to get me back or the terrible communicator decided I'd probably just give him the same number again. -Which isn't true, but I never got the chance to show him.