Friday, September 10, 2010

Okay, see ya!

So I just have to tell you this funny story real quick. Tonight Remy and I went on a date to the place we first had dinner together. It's this little Chinese restaurant called the Dragon Diner on the corner of the 13th e. and 3900 s. if you're ever interested...

So we pull in to the parking lot and go to get out of the car. Well sometimes I forget to let him open my door for me so I'll open the door and then close it and make him come open it anyway. :) So that's what happened tonight....only he didn't realize I wasn't following him. I sat there, he walked toward the restaurant, even locked the car doors. I just kept sitting there. It felt like it took him forever to figure out I was missing! But it was pretty funny. And in his defense, he did hear me open and close the door so he thought I got out. He finally noticed because he was holding his hand out for me to hold and I never grabbed it. Anyhow, it was funny. Thank you, goodnight!

Drama at the Front Door!

I hate bugs. No, I mean I HATE them. As in despise. Or even better, loathe. They are just nasty. I might even say useless, but I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the food chain. Don't worry, there's a point to this.

Backstory: We have had this disgusting praying mantis living on this star I have on our front door for the last I-don't-even-know-how-long. Remy will move it and it just comes back. Gross. So last night I get home from watching Jersey Shore with my homies I've actually only seen 3 episodes all the way through so all the over-tanned nasty looking girls still all look the same to me and I have no idea what's really going on, but I like my friends, and it really is pretty entertaining... and Remy was out with his peeps. So I walk up to to the front door and there is one of those giant mosquito eating things I don't even know if they really do eat mosquitos or not, but you know what I'm talking about, you know, the ones that look like GIANT mosquitos that have HUMONGUS legs? Yeah, well that was flying all around the door. Great. I'm trapped. If I open the door then it will fly in, but I can't just stand out here all night willing it to go away. Oh GREAT, there's the nasty mantis too! YIKES. I can't handle TWO bugs!

So I do what any grossed out woman would do in my the husband. But he hadn't even left his friends' yet. Great. Now what? Well the giant bug had stopped moving near the bottom of the door so I figured I could pick up the door mat and throw it at him. Well, he moved to the top of the door once I took a step towards him. So I thought I'd at least put the key in the door and have it ready so if he moved I could make a quick getaway. So that's what I do. And guess what, the nasty bug flew away! Quick! I said to myself, now's my only chance!

So I hurry and open the door and go to slam it to of course prevent the giant bug from flying in -when my freaking cat who had heard me gingling the keys at the front door and was waiting for me to open the door so he could bolt out decides to make a run for it. So the door squooshes him right in his middle which knocks the metal star off the door which knocks the praying mantis into my house!! AAAHH! So now I have an even bigger dilema. The mantis is right by the door and I could easily use the mat to flick him outside, except for that I can't open the door because what if the big scary bug is out there and flies right in? I have no way of knowing! Oh the humanity! So I turn off the porch light hoping he'll go away. But then gross myself out of thinking of flicking the mantis and then I still don't want to take the chance of the giant bug being out there. So I do the next best thing...I thought. I introduced him to the cats.

Don't judge me.

It wouldn't have been bad, but I forgot they like to play with moving things. So I'm hiding in my room and go out to check on what's going on and there they are, batting around this mantis in the middle of my livingroom. Nice. So I barricade myself in the bedroom and warn Remy what events have transpired and wait for him to save me from the evil mantis and crossing my fingers it wouldn't get away and hide somewhere in the house and blend in with the carpet. Lucky for me I was saved! (can't say the same for the mantis though...sorry ol' boy. I once thought your kind was cool, but that's before I new better.

On another note:

Here are a few pics of our trip to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend....and yes, the picture of the blizzard...that really happened.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fab 4

We've nicknamed ourselves the Fab 4, because that's what we are. And we just thought you should know.


So last Labor Day we went here:

This Labor Day we are going here:
Confused? Well don't be, it's the same place! (oh man I think I'm funny). Yep, we planned yet another spur of the moment weekend trip to Yellowstone! I'm pretty excited. Remy had the itch to go somehwere and when he gets the itch we're likely to go. Oh yeah and did I mention we're staying in the park? How could we find rooms IN Yellowstone National Park on a super busy holiday weekend you ask? Our mad skills. Oh, and I forgot to mention we are staying IN the coveted Lake Hotel with a lake view! It's our mad skills, that's all there is to it. We're way excited. However we're attempting to save up for a bigger trip next summer and need all the funds we can get, but we couldn't wait that long to get out of town. Now a lake view hotel room at the Lake Hotel isn't really the best way to keep your costs down, but hey.
Tonight we're going to meet up with friends to roast our bag of GIANT marshmellows that I've been saving ALL SUMMER! We figure this is our last chance so we better do it! It's going to be so much fun. I really like doing that kind of stuff.
Then next weekend I have every intention of going to Peach Days and then to the State Fair like we always do with Remy's fam.
Then the weekend after THAT we're going to St. George! Sheesh! Hey, we're going suck as much out of this summer as possible! What are your Labor Day plans?