Friday, November 8, 2013

Well, there's nothing we can do about that

Yesterday I got to pick up Vash from daycare. 


Except for he was tired and didn't seem all that thrilled to see me.


Since we're back on standard time, it was getting dark already, and as I was carrying him out to the car another mom was walking to her car with her toddler.  He was upset about something.

I heard the mom explain, "when the sun goes down then the moon comes up."

Turns out her son was upset that the sun went away.
"But I don't want the sun to go down! I want the sun up!"

"Well, there's nothing we can do about that."

Ain't that the truth.

Sometimes, no matter how much we want something to be different than it is, there's just nothing we can do about that.

It's as simple as that.