Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothin' Much

First of all I would just like to say that I'm SOOO happy that today is the last day Remy and I have to work opposite schedules. He's switched to the night shift just for a few weeks and it's been TORTURE! Basically he starts work one hour before I get off so I literally do not see him from Monday - Friday night.

This crappy schedule is magnified by the fact that my car is STILL out of commission. I will say that the guy who is working on my car is SO nice. He's been really good about keeping me up to date on what's going on (which is literally nothing). The warranty company wanted to come inspect it, blah, blah, blah so basically it's taken a full week for the warranty people to decide whether or not they wanted to come inspect the car, finally come inspect it, and now we're still waiting for them to give the dealership the green light to even start working on the car. A week! And the dealership can't even work on the car yet. Whatever.

P.S. Supernanny is on right now and I just think she is the coolest person ever.

And if you're wondering what that picture of Remy is...well when we got home from the honeymoon the tray under the washing machine was filled with water. So he put on my cute flower rubber gloves to sop it all up. He wouldn't put on an apron though. Huh. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Zoe

So Remy has a cousin Jamie and her husband who have two adorable little boys and they decided to adopt a little girl from Rwanda. Check out her blog here. They left about a week ago to pick her up and they are still there getting all the travel documents together. I'm telling you, I'm convinced I need a little child from Rwanda! But really their story is inspiring and little Zoe has no idea what a better life she will have in America. I can't wait to meet her!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yummy Yum Yum

So one of my new favorite websites is The Pioneer Woman. If you've never been there, go. Now. Trust me, you'll be so much happier with yourself if you do. Read her confessions, they're hilarious. Look through her recipes, they'll make your mouth water. Consider the fact she lives on a ranch, writes cookbooks, keeps up on her blog, does photography, and home schools her children, and you'll be disgusted. In a jealous green monster, thou shalt not covet, but you can't help yourself sort of way.

Well I ran across this recipe on Saturday night and really wanted to make it. There is a secret ingredient you'll never believe! They're called Apple Dumplings and they are so simple you'll be thankful I gave you the recipe. Click here to get the recipe. While you're there, check out the rest of the site and get hooked. And yes I took those (un)amazing photos myself with my little digital camera.

Seriously though, try the recipe. I made them while Remy's friends were over playing games and they all had seconds. Serve them hot with a little ice cream and boy oh boy you'll be in dessert heaven.

You're welcome.

Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Week!

TGIF is all I have to say right now. Seriously.

Here's a quick run down of the crap that's gone on: ice dispenser on fridge broke, dishwasher lost all power, a diamond fell out of my ring, the furnace had a crack and had to be replaced, we replaced the A/C too, my car died, and then I discovered we have no hot water. Now here are the details...

So about a month ago our dishwasher died. Just died. Oh and BTW Remy just bought it a year ago. Then literally a few days later the ice dispenser on the fridge gave up the ghost as well. This isn't such a big deal, but still. It's a year old. So the race against the calendar was on to make sure we could get the repairs covered under warranty. Because the one year mark was mighty close if not passed. I'll spare you the details but in the end it took some detective work on Lowe's part to find us a receipt and then look up the delivery date. Eventually they found everything we needed and the repair was covered!

Wednesday Remy had the dishwasher guy come and also some guy to inspect the furnace. Just because it's old and it probably needed some TLC. Well next thing I know Remy calls me to tell me the furnance had to be shut off because it had a crack and we have to buy a new one. Awesome. Then we ended up buying a new A/C too because it's old and would probably die soon too. -Oh sure, let me just go pick that $5,000 off my money tree real quick. Oops, my money tree isn't blooming yet, let me try my butt . -Dang. Nothing there either.

And the story continues...yesterday I was driving with my friend Amanda to her house and was headed up the hill by the capitol. I was stopped at a stop light, and my engine just died. Died. On a hill. If Amanda wouldn't have been there I would have just lost it. She kept me calm and I'm so thankful for her! Then two guys from work saw us and pulled over and drove me back to Remy's office and took Amanda home. That was SOOO nice of them. So as of right now I have no idea what's wrong with it.

Oh wait, there's more. I finally get home at just crash to watch my shows. :) I went to wash my face and get ready for bed so I turn on the hot water faucet. Nothing but cold. So I went to the kitchen and turned on that faucet to confirm -let it run for a while, nothing. That was it. I just wept like a baby. I'm sure when they shut of the gas to replace the furnace the pilot light just went out and they didn't light it again. But we didn't notice the next morning because when we showered we just used what warm water was left. But still. I thought we were done after the furnace, cuz don't they say it comes in threes? Well, we've passed three so if you could just leave us alone now that would be super.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bob the Builder

So here's our post of our first IKEA-build-it-yourself-but-be-prepared-because-there-are-so-many-pieces-that-all-look-the-same-but-our-directions-don't-have-words-because-we-want-to-make-it-easier-by-not-having-to-translate-them-into-5,000-languages-so-you're-just-going-to-have-to-deal-and-did-I-mention-this-will-take-at-least-3-hours-project.

This is the before: we had two hand-me-down end tables pushed together to put our old TV on. It worked, but it wasn't too attractive and as you can see we had to leave the DVD's out everywhere.

Don't worry, there were two boxes of parts!

After: Doesn't it look so neat and tidy!