Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a....

Once I had the ultrasound appointment set for Oct. 30, I knew I wanted to do something fun to announce the gender of this tiny human, and the idea of carving a pumpkin popped in my head (without the help of Pinterest thank you very much)!  I figured we'd just carve the words "it's a boy" in the pumpkin, but Remy was drawing up little sketches of some ideas (he's so clever) and came up with this!  

We (well, Remy) carved 2 pumpkins with this design and took them to each of our parents' houses.  Remy's house didn't go as smoothly, there was just too much going on with everyone excited and getting ready to go out Trick or Treating.  -Specifically by the front door which wasn't good because we were trying to be sneaky about getting the pumpkin on the porch and lighting it.  Not to mention they kept asking us if we had found out yet and we just said that we had an appointment the next day (which is true!). So when they saw it, some people were confused at first, but I guess I can't blame them.  It was still fun!

Acutally Mako, our nephew was the first one who walked out of the house, saw the pumpkin and said, "so you're having a boy?"  At least someone got it right away!  :)

Then it was off to my parent's.  Much less comotion because there are no young kids and hardly any trick or treaters, so it was easier for Remy to sneak out and set everything up.  Then instead of just letting them notice it on their own we asked them to come outside and check out the pumpkin we carved.  It was fun!  My little sister was like, "Dang!  I bet a Jamba Juice it was a girl!"  It made me laugh a bit.

As for my shirt, I have to admit, I'm a little proud.  I had seen these online and wanted one really bad, but they were like $30 plus shipping everywhere I found them.  Then I found just the iron-on design for $17 plus shipping, but then I would have to buy a shirt so that didn't help.  I had found a blog where a lady had made her own by making a freezer paper stencil, but painting a shirt freaked me out for some reason.  So I got some think fabric stabilizer it was called, that has adhesive on one side and made my own iron on.  :)  Mind you it wasn't easy cutting all those little baby bones out (especially the fingers and toes!), but it turned out! And for about half the cost of buying it online. :) 

One last picture I have to share, this one of the ultrasound.  -Which BTW I had no idea would last so long.  It was like 45 mintues with the tech person and then the Dr. came in and looked around a bit.  I guess he wasn't cooperating when they were trying to get specific angles of his heart and spine.  So she was looking around and all of a sudden this little hand pops up giving us this little thumbs up!  I was so glad she was quick and grabbed a picture!  It seriously makes me laugh every time I see it.  We figure we'll take that as a sign that everything is okay in there.  :)
When the ultrasound person (what are they called anyway?!) told us it was a boy we just sort of looked at each other because we had felt like it was a boy all along. :)  So it was like, "yeah we know, but thanks for confirming."  But it was still exciting to hear!

So it was a happy Halloween for sure!  And we're excited for our little guy to get here at the end of March!